Birthday celebrations are always so much fun and our family definitely knows how to celebrate! We recently celebrated my son, Travis’s birthday and my grandson, Jackson’s birthday in one evening. It had been a very busy day. It was the same day as Lobby Day when I went downtown to talk to lawmakers about some really important issues affecting those with cancer, and by that evening I was tired and needed some time to unwind. We decided to have a family dinner at our local Mexican Restaurant. It’s always a fun atmosphere and there is a lot of laughter going on. Besides that, it’s noisy and probably one of the only places that we can go and take so many loud kids without getting kicked out! When I got home that evening, being the writer that I am, I captured a few thoughts and decided to share them with you. I hope it brings a chuckle to your day, like it did mine!! I truly believe that laughter is one of the healthiest ways to enjoy life!

We had lots of fun celebrating Travis’s and Jackson’s birthdays tonight at the Mexican restaurant with our huge family! I’ve come to the conclusion that NO table would ever be big enough for our family! Jossy scared us all to death when she got her head stuck in the high chair. Don’t even ask!! It’s too hard to explain! Ha Ha! Kids; You’ve gotta love em! The craziest thing of all was that we were all so busy singing Happy Birthday that poor Josh was the only one that noticed. We were all in hysterics as the waiters and staff were so loud, with siren’s, rattles, tambourines and clapping and singing as they placed giant Sombreros on both Travis and Jackson. It’s been a long day! When I get home, I’m getting a Cat Scan! LOL!

One of these days I’m going to write a funny book, if I have enough brain cells left!!



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