The Details Of Your Life

Good Afternoon Beautiful Survivors!!

Yeah, I know, You feel so alone. No one else has to walk through this valley with you. Even if they wanted to, they just can’t. This is the one time that you have to go on by yourself, trudging along and dragging your feet all the way. Wow! So many things to process right now! There are just too many details that have no answer in the here and now. The one thing that lingers like a question without an answer; This ugly diagnosis! What now? So many questions that whirl around in your mind until you just can’t stand one more thought. What will happen to me? What will happen to my family? Can I survive this? How will I face the treatments? How will I pay the bills? On and on and on over and over again. There are so many details; the multitudes of doctors and the endless appointments, the treatment plan, the chemo, the hair loss, the nausea, the weight loss, the baggy clothes, the wig, the family, the meals, the kids, the marriage! OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME TO STOP THESE THOUGHTS FROM BOMBARDING MY MIND!!!

If this describes even a fraction of all that you are dealing with, if you never hear another word that I say to you, know that you are not alone in this!

Our God is a personal God. He is closer than your next breath. He cares so much about what you are going through. He cares about every detail of your life. He loves you so much and He is able to bring you through this! He cares about your marriage. He loves weddings and families. He cares about your kids. He loves kids. He cares about your bills. He is your provider. He is your source of everything that you will ever need. He cares about all the work you still need to do. He loves order. How else could He have held the stars in space? He cares about your body. He is your healer. He is a personal God. He is not a blob floating somewhere out there. He is right here in the here and now of everyday life; even in the not so pretty days. He knows how you are so sick you can’t hold on a day longer. He knows all about the hair loss. HE CARES!!! He sees you as you hug the toilet, too sick to crawl back to your bed. He is a God of detail and He cares about every detail of your life, right down to the ones you didn’t even have the strength to mutter in your most urgent cry.

Beautiful Survivor, You are not alone. You are going to make it. Give God all the details, one by one. Speak to these mountains. You have a God Who created you. Nothing is too hard for Him. Let Him speak life right back into you today. Lift a tired hand to heaven and as you do, you will relinquish back to Him all that concerns you. He is in the details of your everyday life. As each detail is surrendered, your burden will be lighter. You are going to soar high above the storm until you find rest.

I love you guys!

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